How To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

1. Fennel Seeds
  • Fennel seeds boost the quantity of your breast milk.
  • They are digestives and help control baby-colic.
  • Fennel seeds can be added along with seasonings to vegetable fillings.
  • Add them to your tea or boil a few seeds with milk and drink up.
  • Pop in a few seeds after a meal as a mouth refresher.
2. Spinach And Beet Leaves
  • Spinach and beet leaves contain iron, calcium and folic acid.
  • These are essential for recouping anemic mothers.
  • These will help in making your baby strong.
  • Spinach and beet leaves contain detoxifying agents.
  • Spinach contains certain plant chemicals which could help prevent breast cancer.
  • Include these leaves in a midday soup.
  • Mix them with dough flatbread for a meal.
  • Remember to eat spinach in moderation as too much could cause diarrhea in your baby.
3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is fantastic for building and maintaining your milk supply. Whether you enjoy a hearty bowl of hot oats in the morning or you sprinkle granola on your yogurt, make sure you are eating some oats. You already know that oatmeal helps to lower cholesterol and can aid blood pressure regulation, but increasing your supply is another awesome benefit of chowing down on oats.

4. Carrots

Get your Bugs Bunny on, mama! Carrots are full of beta-carotene, which just happens to be in extra demand when you’re lactating. Carrots are a healthy source of carbohydrates and will boost your potassium, too. Snacking on carrots is also a great way to help you lose some of that stubborn baby weight. Peel and slice a bag of carrots at a time and store them in your fridge for easy snacking.

5. Water And Juices
  • Drinking water and juices are supposed to boost lactation. It increases the total milk volume per feed.
  • It prevents you from dehydration and replaces fluid lost during lactation.
  • Have a glass of water when you are thirsty or even before you begin to nurse your baby.

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