Diet Chart For Weight Loss For Female

This is a very effective diet chart for weight loss for female in terms of reducing fat.


• Green tea: 1 bag
• Lemon juice: half teaspoon
• Boiled egg: 1 hard -boiled
• Apple: 1
• Cucumber: 1
• Orange: 1 for juice
• Aloe Vera: gel I table spoon

Meal Plan:

  • You can have a combination of green tea, boiled egg and salad for your meal .
  • A thirty minutes’ walk is compulsory with this diet .
  • Take a cup of hot water and add lemon juice in this water.
  • Dip your green tea bag into it.
  • Keep the bag dipped in the water for few minutes and the green tea is ready.
  • Take a hard-boiled egg with this tea and eat some salad for a balanced meal.
  • A hard- boiled egg has far less calories than a fried or scrambled egg.
  • To prepare the apple and cucumber salad ,first peel the fruits and then cut small pieces of cucumber and apple in a bowl or plate .
  • Squeeze orange juice over your fruit salad .
  • Add some Aloe Vera gel with orange juice in the salad to prevent the stickiness.
  • This meal plan is completely balanced To change some flavor of your meal you can add a slice of steam fish or chicken in your lunch and dinner as well as lentils (Daal) in any form is also beneficial

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