Benefits Of Using Olive Oil For Hair

1. Olive oil for longer, stronger hair

If you want longer, stronger, healthier hair that shines, when used in the following recipe, olive oil, can help. This treatment utilizes the incredibly rich proteins, vitamins and nurturing fatty acids of egg yolks, which serve to strengthen the hair follicles and shaft so that they’re less prone to damage and breakage, including split ends. Olive oil also strengthens and softens, helping to treat dry, damaged hair while also exfoliating and even bringing out the color of your hair.

This treatment is so effective that you only need to do it once every other week.

  • Mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Dilute the mixture with 1/2 cup of cool or cold water. Note: Never use hot water as it can start to cook the eggs, and would result in a huge, smelly mess in your hair that’s very difficult to get rid of!
  •  Once you’ve mixed the eggs, olive oil, and water, slowly massage the treatment it into your scalp, and then let it sit for about 20 minutes.
  •  Rinse hair well – there’s no need to shampoo unless you want to.Lice
    Olive oil can assist in removing head lice, but it isn’t any more effective than other oil or conditioning treatments. It’s critical to use the proper comb and making sure you get out all the live lice and their nits.
2. Dandruff

If you’re trying to treat dandruff, bear in mind it has many causes, including fungus. As far as we know, there’s no cure for dandruff, though using olive oil will reduce your flakes. Massage olive oil into your dry scalp and comb out dandruff flakes. Leave the olive oil in your hair and cover with a shower cap for extra conditioning.

3. Strength and Shine

Replace your regular conditioner with olive oil to help bring moisture back to the hair, leaving it healthy-looking and shiny. Rich in vitamins A, E, and antioxidants, olive oil helps protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture. According to Elle, olive oil can remove the buildup of sebum that impedes the formation of new hair follicles and hinders hair growth.

4. Olive Oil softens your hair

If your hair is prone to a brittle, rough texture, you should rub some olive oil along the entire length. It will soften your hair and reduce the frizz by a huge margin.

5. Reduces the irritability in your scalp

If your scalp is prone to itchiness, olive oil is just what you need to reduce it.

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