Teach Your Child How To Behave Well

1. Praise

Too often we give our kids the majority of our attention when they’ve done something wrong. It’s natural, only human. But, when we give them even more attention for doing something right, amazing things can happen. So, the next time they are being good citizens, make them feel like they are the best of the best. It shouldn’t be too hard, right? I mean, these are the golden stars that you birthed afterall, *smile*. Whenever my kids do something right, I praise them. Like, the superstar-fanatic-I-just-ran-into-Beyoncé-at-the-airport-and-I-am-about-to-faint-I-am-so-excited type of praise. This has been very effective in inspiring them to repeat the same good behavior in hopes of getting that same treatment; which they surely receive every single time.

2. Don’t Shout And Yell

Don’t get upset with your kids’ simple mistakes and start yelling. Your kid will follow that for sure. Explain his fault and keep a watch on him to avoid repetitions.

3. Don’t Use Bad Words

Watch your words. Never utter slang or other abusive languages when kids are around. They will pick up those words instantly and use them in any social gathering creating an embarrassing situation for you.

4. Teach Politeness

Teach your kids to address newly introduced persons as “Hello Sir” or “Hello Madam” in a polite manner. This will help them to overcome shyness and present themselves in an acceptable manner.

5. Showing Respect To Elders

When the kid steps out for school, teach him to be respectful to the elders and teachers. Teach him to shake hands with their school mates and others. Guide him to behave properly in public places.

6. Don’t Overreact to Small Things

Your child may be at an age when he or she knows they’re being naughty, but wants to see how far they can push the boundaries before mommy and daddy lose their cool. An American Academy of Pediatrics article notes that parents who can remain calm during an outburst can actually drive down the number of times their child tests them.

Parenting also says it’s normal for kids to express feelings by acting out, and that you shouldn’t “reward” them by also getting upset. If you frown upon everything they do and end up yelling at them, your child will eventually learn to tune you out and you’ll have a harder time reaching them, experts have noted.

7.  Positive Role Model

By remaining positive even through the tough times, you provide your child with positive reinforcement. They worship you and follow your actions, so walking around stressed and angry all the time will eventually rub off on their behavior.

The traits of a good role model include being dependable, said the article. If you promise your child you’ll hang out with them at a certain time, do it. Letting them down might lead them to “flake out” of obligations in the future. Other positive role model actions are being attentive to your child (put down your phone occasionally), being loyal to loved ones, and also taking care of yourself too.

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