How To Make Your Child Focus

1. Play Focus Games To Develop Attention

Games can be effectively used to build concentration. Since children learn more by playing, it is always a good idea to try and make their activities a little more fun.

2. Sequencing

The link between sequencing and concentration is a strong one. Following recipes, setting the table and putting things in alphabetical order a
re great activities for kids who have concentration difficulties.

3. Turn off screens and cell phones

Before your kid tackles homework or does anything that takes concentration, turn off the television. Or if others are watching it, make sure your child is far enough away that he can’t be distracted by it. Also, shut down or move him away from the computer, and if your child has a cell phone, make sure that’s off too.

4. Make a to-do list

Having a lot of chores and homework assignments can be overwhelming for kids. Help your child focus on getting things done by making a list together of everything he needs to do for the day or week. Then let him cross off each task as he finishes it.

5. Establish Rules for Homework Time

There is nothing more distracting than a knock on the door and an invitation to play when it’s homework time. Require that your children’s homework and studying be completed (neatly and correctly) before going out to play. This can be hard in the summer, when other children are off from school at different times. As seasons and activities change throughout the year, be flexible and adapt to changing schedules.

6. Go Outside Hobby

This is a double manifold point. Get them to contribute to something that is not in their school environment, preferably outside. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of outdoor exercise. It assists our emotional, mental and physical health. An outlet that doesn’t involve anyone from school is a real bonus. It gives them the chance to broaden their experiences socially. Check out your local sports clubs and try team sports like hockey or soccer. Test out the Scout and Brownie troops or even photography courses to see what your child prefers.

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