Fruits Best For Kids

1. Apples

Apples are delicious, but that is not the main reason why kids should be eating more apples. Apple is really one of the best fruits for human health. The nutrients apples provide actually help your kids stay strong and healthy while doing the things they love such as climbing, jumping, playing sports, etc.

There are a lot of goodies this fruit contains to help your kids grow well. Firstly, pectin which is a dietary fiber has some amazing properties. It can dissolve in water and also stimulate good bacteria to live in your kids’ gut and simultaneously, fight against any bad bacteria which try to live there.

A mineral called boron will help your kids’ bone and teeth stay strong and healthy. As your children are in the most important years in a child’s development, this mineral is very essential to them. Besides, apples are also rich in vitamin C. Just one apple can supply a quarter of your kids’ vitamin C requirements.

Apples help to protect you and your kids from diseases such as heart attacks, cancers, vision disorders, diabetes, and so on. It is fairly easy to include apples in your daily diet you can add some apples as a light dessert after meals. Otherwise, you also can have a cup of apple juice alone or in combination with other fruits going well with it such as carrots or oranges.

2. Bananas

Athletes eat lots of bananas because they are rich in carbohydrates that can help power muscles. Surely kids don’t need bananas to increase their muscle tone, however, kids do need the carbohydrates as a source of energy. This fruit is rich in vitamin B6 which is needed for a healthy skin, a nervous system and to produce the needed energy in the body.

In addition to this, banana is also a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium which will help to keep your kids hearts strong and healthy. Surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, bananas have no fat and it would be impossible to get fat on bananas so your kids can enjoy these good fruits without any worries. In order to add more bananas to your kids’ diet, you can encourage them to eat a banana or to make some snacks such as banana cake or banana ice-cream.

3. Berries

Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are a popular finger food with many children. Buy and serve berries that are in season, or look for frozen, unsweetened berries to add to a homemade fruit cup or to mix with plain yogurt.

4. Melon

Cut melon into slices or cubes, or have your child use a melon baller to scoop up round balls of honeydew, cantaloupe or watermelon. Mix fresh melon with blueberries and shredded coconut to create colorful fruit salad to include in a lunchbox.

5. Peaches And Nectarines

These contain some carotenoids and vitamin C which is very important for kids health.

6. Grapes

The skin of red and purple grapes contain cancer-fighting anthocyanin pigments and are a great alternative to sugar-infused lollies and other kid-friendly finger foods.

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