Signs Of Breast Cancer You Need To Know

1. Dimpling Or Scaly Skin

A rough patch of skin that feels scaly or thicker than usual or skin that starts to dimple can signal breast cancer, Weber says. With some breast cancers, channels that go from the inside of the breast to the skin become blocked, resulting in skin changes that make the breast look like it’s covered in an orange peel.

2. Itchy Breasts

A common symptom of inflammatory breast cancer, a rash-less itch in and around your breasts can indicate an underlying issue more severe than dermatitis. The itchy sensation is often accompanied by nipple discharge and breast tissue that appears thicker or changed in texture. So don’t settle for a prescription ointment, ask your doctor to screen you for breast cancer right away.

3. Swollen Breasts

Inflammation of the breast tissues and areas around the breasts can occur if there is a breast tumor pressing on the tissues above. Typically a sign of inflammatory breast cancer swelling can be accompanied by red, patchy, hot skin that feels extremely tender to the touch or caress.

4. Nipple Changes

Some breast cancers will cause what’s called nipple inversion or retraction, in which the nipple turns inward. Typically, that’s because a mass is growing inside the breast and changes its shape.

5. Breast Size Change

Oftentimes, your spouse or partner will detect a problem with changes in breast size before you do. But it’s common for a breast tumor to alter the shape or size of an affected breast before you feel that tell tale lump. So along with self exams for breast lumps, be sure to visually check the shape and size of your breasts in a mirror and take heed when you put on your bra.


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