Side Effect Of Using Condoms

1. Risk To Partner’s Health

Two doctors from Dallas, Texas claim that the male condom can cause cancer in the woman. The culprit, they claim, is talc, a dry lubricant used on the surface of condoms. Studies have linked talc to ovarian cancer and to fibrosis on fallopian tubes, thus making the woman infertile. Drs Candace Kasper and P J Chandler point out that the American Food and Drug Administration has recognized the dangers when talc has been applied to surgical gloves, and so banned the practice, but still allowed the substance to be coated on condoms. Their observations have been reported in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

2. Risk Of Pregnancy

Using a condom does not mean you can get complacent about the slight risk of pregnancy which still remains. The success rate of condoms, when used correctly is 98%. When it is used incorrectly, 15 out of 100 women become pregnant. Some people do not pay heed to the expiry date of condom and use old condoms. These become brittle and can rupture during the sexual act. Using petroleum jelly or cooking oil in condoms can also cause them to rupture because these substances react with latex and weaken it.

3. Risk Of STDs

Condoms are very effective in protection against HIV and they also lessen the risk of other diseases, such as syphilis, Chlamydia, HPV and gonorrhoea. These are diseases that either affects the immune system or the internal organs. Condoms are relatively ineffective against infections of the outer skin. Scabies infection and molluscum contagiosum are two such infections. American Social Health Association has stated that risk of contracting genital herpes through sexual intercourse is reduced by using condoms but all the parts of the skin cannot be protected. The virus of this disease can be asymptomatically released into the uninfected partner’s skin. Those who use condoms made from animal skin should know that it is not effective in preventing transfer of STDs.

4. Partner Resistance

Perhaps the most notable negative side effect of condoms is a sexual partner’s resistance to using them. Some men claim they experience a loss in sensation when using condoms, find them unromantic or take offense at being asked to wear them. Planned Parenthood notes that many men can overcome their resistance to using condoms and suggests trying out different styles and sizes to find the brand that’s most comfortable to both partners.

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