Parents Behavior Affecting Children

1. Keep Discipline Positive

Parent disciplines greatly affects their children’s behavior When a parent elects to use physical punishment, such as spanking, it does not teach the child how to change his behavior. Children can also react aggressively to physical punishment. When parents chooses alternate forms of punishment, such as time-outs, they are helping modify the child’s bad behavior in a calm manner.

2. Fighting Frenzy

If arguing among parents is done fairly and with maturity, a child can actually benefit from seeing how conflicts are resolved. Verbal and physical fights are extremely hard on kids. Children may blame themselves for their parents’ arguments and may be traumatizing for years to come. Children may develop low self-esteems and may even behave violently toward other children. Dysfunctional families breed dysfunctional children. Children often repeat this behavior in their future relationships.

3. Child Abuse Destroys

Child abuse causes a range of antisocial and destructive behaviors. This is because abused children try to cope and to understand why they are being abused. Parents who abuse their children may cause their children to be aggressive and violent, experience learning problems and even become involved in drugs or alcohol. Parents who abuse provide the opposite of what a child needs to grow up healthy. Instead, they destroy the inside and outside world of a child.

4. Kids Need Words of Assurance

While there is no place for physical violence in any home, this isn’t to say kids should be shielded from all arguments and conflict. As long as the adults in the situation are staying in control of their emotions, anger and frustration can present important learning opportunities. An argument between Mom and Dad is frightening for a young child, but seeing them carve out a solution through dialog and compromise can teach important lessons about human interactions.

The beginning of an argument is a good moment for parents to have a brief dialog with kids, take a moment to say something like: ‘This is an adult situation, we love each other and we are going to get this resolved. Don’t worry. Soon, you’ll see that we’re okay.’ ”


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