How To Make Your Teeth Strong Naturally

1. Always Floss.

Flossing is usually skipped by many people because they think brushing is enough. However, this is a very big misconception that needs to be debunked immediately. Brushing can’t clean the small gaps between the teeth, and it certainly can’t remove food debris and plaque from the sides of the back most molars. Flossing can do all of these and efficiently clean the teeth from front to back.

2. Limit Sugary Foods And Drinks

Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar from foods and drinks. Then they make acids, which soften and wear away your enamel. Chewy candies that stick on your teeth are can also cause damage. Soft drinks may have extra acids.

Soft drinks with artificial sweeteners are a smarter choice than ones with sugar, but they’re also acidic and will wear down enamel over time.

A glass of plain water is just the best thing.

3. Maintain a Balanced pH.

A low pH in your mouth is an acidic environment, which is a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and leaves you more susceptible to cavities and gum disease. Keep your pH at an optimal level by eating a diet rich in whole foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables.

4. Don’t Smoke.

Smoking can make your teeth look yellowish and it also gives you bad breath. Smoking also makes you a mouth breather and affect your saliva production, both of which can affect the teeth. However, apart from the teeth, smoking also has negative effects on majority of the body organs, which means you have a lot more reasons to kick the butt today.

5. Guava Leaves
  • Chew a few well-washed tender guava leaves thoroughly, then spit them out.
  • You can also grind some tender guava leaves and use it as toothpaste to brush your teeth.
  • Another option is to prepare a mouth rinse by boiling 4 to 6 guava leaves in 1 cup of water for about 5 minutes.
  • Strain the water and allow it to cool.
  • Use it as a daily mouthwash.

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