How To Relax Yourself After Busy Routine

1. Pamper Yourself

Consider a long, hot bath or shower. The warm water will achieve two objectives: It will relax you as well as artificially raise your body temperature so it will fall quickly and trigger a rapid sleep onset if you go to bed afterward. Use a soothing lavender bath or shower gel and a scented body lotion if you enjoy aromatherapy.

2. Relax With Music

Seek some peace and quiet with some soothing tunes. The music you listen to influence your mood substantially. To promote calm, avoid fast and loud genres of music as it may only aggravate you and give you a headache. Slower music that you can close your eyes and breathe along with, will help to reduce your heartrate.

3. Read A Book

Sometimes the best way to escape the chaos of the day-to-day is to slip into another one. Research suggest that the part of our brain that feels empathy gets a great workout when we read fiction, for example. So, try reading about a powerful character, or a positive situation. If you are not an avid reader, you can opt for an episode or two of TV series you like.

4. Change Into Comfortable Clothing

Get out of those stuffy work or school clothes and put on something comfortable and soft, like cotton or linen. You will feel instantly more relaxed.

5. Get Some Light Exercise

It may sound counterproductive to relaxation, but exercising helps you clear your head by burning off all the mental energy saved up during a long day at work or school.

  • Regular exercise also helps your body feel more relaxed and stress-free overall, making the next long day easier to get through. Try going for a walk outside, doing yoga or stretching for at least 20 minutes.
  • Walk around the block or a nearby park if it is still light outside. (Don’t walk by yourself at night.) Better yet, take your dog with you and you can both get some much needed exercise. Focus on enjoying the fresh air and sounds of nature instead of your speed or how far you go.
  • Do some yoga poses. Child’s pose, in particular, is great for relaxing the body after a long day.
  • Stretch it out. If your body feels really tired, just spend 20 minutes doing some deep stretches to loosen your muscles from running around all day.

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