Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ants

1. Use lemon water to drive ants away

Lemon water is another effective home remedy for getting rid of ants. Mix some lemon juice with water and spray the mixture around high-traffic ant areas. You have to spray the area consistently for this method to be effective.

2. Use vinegar to block ant’s path

Have some vinegar left in the kitchen? Vinegar tends to work well for all sorts of pest problems. Mix some vinegar with water and spray the resulting mixture around the ant’s trail. The strong scent of the vinegar will repel the ants. Keep in mind, however, that you may also smell the vinegar for a short period of time.

3. Dish soap is harmful for ants

Dish soaps and detergents are harmful to ants because the chemical can break down protective layers of the ant’s exoskeleton. This could eventually cause the ants to dehyrate. Mix some dish soap with water and spray the solution at common ant entry points.

4. Cayenne pepper for ant defense

Ants hate cayenne pepper. Sprinkle some pepper around the high-traffic ant area. An alternative solution is to mix some pepper with water and spray it at the ants. The pepper won’t kill the ants but it could deter them from returning.

The best natural remedy to killing all types of ants would be to simply prevent them from coming in the first place. Like any pests, ants like to be in areas that provide favorable conditions.

Prevent ants by avoiding the following

Keep sugary food out of open space

Ants love sugary food. Hence, you should never leave them out in open space. You could also use sugary food to create a trap. For example, mix sweetened jelly with boric acid or diatomaceous earth to create an ant trap.

Keep your kitchen sink clean

Keep your kitchen sink clean of dirty dishes. I am guilty of this myself but I would usually stack up a lot of dirty dishes and bowls for a week before giving them a clean. Doing this, however, would increase the chances of an ant infestation so try and clean your dishes the moment you are done with them. You don’t want any food leftovers to attract the ants.

Take out the trash every day

Take out the trash every day. For any pests, trash can be seen as a flashing welcome sign so keep your home as clean as possible by removing anything that has the remote chance of attracting pests like ants.

Keep moisture away

Keep your home dry. Make sure places like your bathroom and kitchen are clear of puddles. This tip is especially important if you are living in a low-humidity area. Like any other living organism, ants need water and they will try and stay close to any source of water.

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