Cancer Causing Things You Need To Discard From Your Bedroom

1. Replace Your Pillows and Pillow Cases with Organic Materials

First of all, you should replace your pillows and pillow cases with organic materials! The real and ugly truth is that many people make the mistake of assuming that cotton is a safer choice than synthetics, but the fact is that cotton uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and over 14% of its pesticides. As you can afford it, replace your bedding with organic materials.

2. Paints

Oddly enough, I sort of like the smell of a freshly painted home. However, that pungent smell doesn’t come without a cost. One of the most common sources of volatile organic compounds in homes is paint, which is a known carcinogen! What’s worse is that exposure to these is even more potent when indoors.

The EPA’s website reads: “Studies have found that levels of several organics average 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. During and for several hours immediately after certain activities, such as paint stripping, levels may be 1,000 times background outdoor levels.”

3. Ditch The Old Mattress

Covering or replacing the mattress is a must if you want to live healthy. A lot of mattresses are sprayed with chemicals and flame retardants which are cancer-causing. If you cannot afford buying a new mattress, wrap it in a foil barrier cloth, available online.

4. Minimize Electrical Devices

If you have a computer, TV or other electronic devices in your bedroom, you may consider moving them into another room. Electronic devices can disturb a peaceful night of sleep by disrupting sleep patterns.

5. Relaxing Room Sprays

Air fresheners are all over people’s houses; from bedrooms to bathrooms to cars, people love them. Typically they’re made with synthetic fragrance, otherwise known as parfum. Parfum is basically a cocktail of toxic chemicals, but instead of listing all of these chemicals on the back of products, it’s conveniently labelled as “parfum” so that companies can keep their signature fragrance a trade secret.

Unfortunately, this also allows companies to hide harmful ingredients, many of which are known carcinogens, in their products without the consumer even knowing.

For a more natural alternative, try brands like Saje Natural Wellness or DoTerra, or make your own using essential oils and water! For a relaxing blend try using lavender and chamomile essential oils.


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