Benefits Of Hair Oiling

1. Hair Growth

Hair grow when they are given enough nourishment to sustain. Although, hair is just a protein strand, it also require regular feed of vitamins and other essentials. Massaging twice a week will regain whatever hair loses in the process of curling, ironing and chemical treatments. Oil acts as a replenishing agent. Massaging helps in opening of pores and better absorption of oil. It also facilitates blood circulation and thus soothes and relaxes you. Oiling strengthens roots and leading to healthy hair growth.

2. Fights Hair Fall

Hair oil does the job of fighting hair fall and of aiding hair regrowth. Therefore, whether you’ve got a hair loss problem or not, you can use a hair thickening oil, and the results can only be good.

3. Prevents Hair From Drying

While regular hair spas isn’t a bad option to keep your hair free of dryness and supple, regular use of oiling will keep it nourished for longer. Also, oil acts as a coolant and it would prevent your hair from harsh heating conditions. If your hair is extremely dry, you can just apply oil to your hair and then soak a towel in hot water and wrap it around your head. This would make sure that oil penetrates well into the scalp.

4. Relax Your Body And Mind

Massaging scalp and hair with lukewarm oil helps rejuvenate the loss due to chemical treatments. It also relaxes nerves in brain, thus facilitating blood circulation in head area. Regularly oiling hair before washing, and keeping hot towel wrapped around the head for 20-30 minutes will help better absorption by strengthening the roots. Our brain is the origin of all our activities, and oiling help to soothe capillaries and nerves in brain. Relaxation of mind and body is done through massaging, and scalp massage is one of them. You can use thick oil. The rapid increase in hair growth in around two months can make you never leave the habit of massaging scalp regularly. Eyesight tend to improve by regular oil massaging.

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