Home Remedies to Reduce Breast Pain During Breastfeeding

1. Meditation And Relaxation

You can try breathing and relaxation techniques to calm yourself down before you breastfeed. This can make you more comfortable and reduce the letdown.

2. Pump Your Breasts

When there is a pain due to swelling, it is difficult for your baby to latch properly and thus you should help her by pumping your breasts so that she can get enough milk.

3. Air-Dry & Avoid Soap


After each feeding, allow your nipples to air dry rather than wiping them, as that can increase dryness.

4. Moisturizing

When the nipples dry out, they may crack, causing soreness. Keep the nipples moisturized by expressing a small amount of breastmilk and applying it to your nipples before and after a feeding. Air dry the nipples after a feeding and refrain from washing them often since water can dry them out. Applying a medical-grade lanolin can help painful, cracked breasts heal quicker, but it will need to wash off before your next feeding, according to FamilyDoctor.org.

5. Warmth

Placing a warm compress on your sore nipples before each feeding can soothe them. You can do this by placing a washcloth moistened with warm water onto your breasts. Alternatively, you could soak your nipples in warm water while taking a bath or run warm water over them in the shower.

6. Gentle Massage

You can try to massage your breasts so that the blood circulation remains smooth. And remember not to sleep on your stomach!

And lastly, do not hesitate in asking help from experienced mothers or even your doctor.

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