Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

1. Shampoo

Your face and hair are made of various molecules. Your face needs one cleanser made of plenty milder stuff while your hair requires strong surfactants to get rid of the oil and dirt as well. Shampoos cannot cope with the delicate molecules constituting your facial skin. The shampoo will end up looking dry and flaky if you use it to wash your face. When washing your hair, ensure the shampoo doesn’t touch your face.

2. Eggs

Putting egg whites in your face mask probably won’t make your skin fall off, but using eggs in combination with other ingredients can cause adverse reactions. Your biggest worry is being exposed to salmonella. While eggs are fairly safe and can tighten your skin, if they’re not preserved correctly, you may experience not-so-pleasant results. If you really want to utilize eggs in your skincare routine, there are plenty of options you can get at your favorite beauty store that contains the correct ingredients and preservatives.

3. Hair Color

If you color your hair regularly and want your brows to match, use a vegetable-based colorant or tinted brow mascara on your arches instead of your at-home hair color since the formulas are less harsh. Box dye can be too irritating to the skin around your eye area and can even make your eyes burn and tear up.

4. Toothpaste

Many people around the world apply toothpaste on their face – usually to dry out the acne. Yes, this will help you with your acne problems, but, unfortunately, it will also irritate the skin and can cause serious skin problems, such as chemical burns or scars.

5. Vaseline

Many people around the world use Vaseline to moisturize their dry or chapped skin. You can also use this ingredient to treat bites from bugs or cuts, but, you should be very careful because this ingredient is not the best solution for your face. When you apply Vaseline for the first time, you usually get that feeling like it’s too moisturizing and softening your skin, but it actually leads to more pimples and dry condition.

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