Remedies For Thick And Long Hair

1. Eggs

Crack eggs into a bowl. An egg treatment may help to make hair look thicker. Eggs are high in protein, which is essential for the body to build strong, thick hair. When used regularly, an egg treatment may help thicken and strengthen a person’s hair.

  • Beat 1 or 2 eggs together.
  • Apply the eggs to the scalp and damp hair.
  • Leave the eggs on the scalp for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash hair thoroughly with warm water and mild shampoo.


Combine the eggs with oil and water

  • Mix egg yolks, 1 tablespoon (tbsp) olive oil, and 2 tbsp of water.
  • Apply the mixture to the scalp and dry hair.
  • Leave for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse out with warm water and a mild shampoo.
  • Using an egg treatment once or twice a week for several weeks might help strengthen the hair.
2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in omega3 acids and other nutrients that are essential for overall health, including hair health. When applied directly to the scalp and hair, olive oil helps promote thicker hair.

Olive oil also has the added benefit of softening the hair and relieving dry scalp.

  • Heat the oil to body temperature
  • Massage the warm oil into the scalp and hair
  • Leave in hair for about 30 to 45 minutes
  • Rinse out the olive oil with mild shampoo
  • Some people add honey to the olive oil and others suggest leaving the olive oil on overnight using a shower cap to cover the hair.
3. Castor Oil

Massaging your scalp regularly with cold-pressed castor oil is one of the easiest ways to get thicker hair naturally. Due to its high viscosity, it coats the hair thoroughly and protects against hair fall. Plus, being high in vitamin E and fatty acids, it promote hair growth.

  • Heat a mixture of equal parts of castor oil and coconut oil.
  • Simply using castor oil will also work but it tends to be too thick.
  • Apply it on your head and scalp and massage in circular motions.
  • Comb your hair to distribute the oil throughout your hair and remove tangles.
  • Cover your hair with a towel moistened with warm water.
  • Leave it on for at least one hour and then shampoo your hair as usual.
  • Follow this remedy once a week to enjoy lustrous and thick hair.
4. Avocado

Avocado can also be used to get thicker hair as it moisturizes and adds body to your hair. Plus, the vitamin E in this fruit contributes to the overall health of the hair shaft.

  • Make a mixture of one mashed avocado, one mashed banana and one tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Massage it on your scalp and leave the mixture on your hair for about 30 minutes so that the nutrients are absorbed by the scalp.
  • Finally, rinse it out and shampoo your hair.

You can also make a hydrating hair mask by

  • Mixing two tablespoons of wheatgerm oil with half of a ripe mashed avocado.
  • Apply this hair mask on freshly shampooed hair and allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly and then shampoo your hair.
5. Orange Juice

Orange juice is also a really great way to promote thicker hair and smells super refreshing. It promotes hair growth, thickens hair, and is great for treating dandruff. To use an orange to help you with your need for thicker hair,

  • Take a sliced orange, peel and all, and put it in a food processor until you have a fine pulp.
  • This pulp should be applied to your hair and left on for twenty minutes.
  • Doing so once a week will lead to fuller, thicker hair in a matter of months.

A mixture of orange juice and apple puree is also a good way to get thicker hair naturally. Applying this to your hair and scalp for thirty minutes once or twice a week is great to promote thick hair. It should be rinsed well. No additional shampoo is necessary if it is not desired.

6. Fenugreek Seeds

They are a less known, but a highly effective natural remedy for thin hair and dandruff. The preparation of a fenugreek seeds mask takes a bit more time, but it’s definitely worth a try. To make the most of the fenugreek seeds properties, you need to

  • Soak them in water for up to 10 hours.
  • Leave them in a bowl with water for the night and prepare the healing mask for your hair and scalp in the morning.
  • Grind the soaked seeds and add two teaspoons of olive oil or coconut oil to the paste.
  • Regular 30-minute sessions with fenugreek seeds paste on your hair will not only make it thicker and stronger, but also help reduce or even eliminate dandruff.
7. Balanced Diet

If you notice that your hair gets thinner, it might be because you have neglected your diet. There are certain substances which are absolutely crucial for maintaining healthy and thick hair. Make sure your menu is rich in foods that contain a lot of iron and vitamin B. Some of the foods that will provide your body with a lot of iron are: lamb, beef, pork, poultry and fish. If you are a vegetarian, increase the amount of green leafy vegetables you eat. Alternatively, you can choose to buy an iron supplement in a pharmacy. Remember also to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, brown rice and nuts in order to get enough vitamin B.

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