Lemon Peels to Get Rid Dry Cracked Feet Calluses

Cracked heels and other foot cracks are usually caused by a combination of pressure and dry, non-pliable skin. A callus, also known as callosity, is a toughened skin area that has become thick and hard due to repeated friction, pressure or other irritation. Calluses develop on the feet, especially on the bottoms of the feet and the underside of the big toe. They can also develop on the hands, fingers or anywhere on the body where there is repeated friction. Calluses appear due to dry skin or too much friction on one area, such as the repeated rubbing caused by ill-fitting shoes.

If you love lemons as much as we do, then next time you eat or squeeze a lemon or lime, save the peels and give them a second life. The high acidity of the lemon juice works to soften the hardened skin that makes up your callus/corn. It’s a way to soften it other than simply soaking it.

Applying lemon peel to your heels will speed up the process of getting rid of the thick dead layers of your skin quicker, uncovering the softer new skin underneath. The acidic nature of lemon weakens the bonds between skin cells, allowing new cells to emerge quickly and replace the dead ones.

Plus, it will also help to alleviate any discomfort in your feet. However, using too much lemon too often can actually harm your skin and make it more susceptible to damage — especially from the sun.

How to Use Lemon Peels to Get Rid of Dry Cracked Feet and Calluses

An incredibly simple way of using lemon peel to get rid of dry cracked feet is cutting a fresh lemon before you go to bed, squeezing the juice into a glass for future use and placing one-half of the lemon on the heel of each foot, then covering them with clean, old socks and going to sleep.

Your heels will already be softer and smoother in the morning!

For best results repeat the procedure every 2-3 days. You can also use the same lemon peel a couple of times before it starts drying out.

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