Get Rid Of Unwanted Body Hair Naturally

1. Sugar Wax

The use of sugar wax is one of the best home remedies to get rid of pubic hair. To make sugar wax, the ingredients you need are


  • Three tbsp of sugar
  • One lemon juice
  • Honey


  • Take a glass bowl and in it, add three tbsp of sugar, one lemon juice, and honey and mix well all these ingredients.

How to Apply

  • Apply the mixture on unwanted hair in the direction opposite to the direction of hair growth.
2. Eggs and Cornstarch


  • One egg
  • Sugar
  • Cornstarch


  • Crack an egg, add one tbsp of sugar and one-half tbsp of cornstarch and mix well.

How to Apply

  • Apply the mixture to your skin and then leave it for 25 minutes to let it get dry.
  • After this, take it off and it will take out unwanted hair.

All of these natural methods to remove pubic hair permanently are very effective and safe for your skin. However, before the application of any of these methods, do not forget to do a patch test and choose the best suitable method for hair removal for your skin.

3.  Turmeric

Turmeric doesn’t cause any allergic reaction on your skin. So, you can develop the habit of applying turmeric every day during a bath, which is indeed an ancient practice.

Since it causes a stain, you can try it at night before sleep.


  • Turmeric powder
  • Milk or water


  • Mix turmeric in water or milk and make a thick paste.

How To Apply

  • Apply on your face till it dries.
  • Remove it by rubbing it off from your face.

Regular use of turmeric adds radiance to your skin as well as removes unwanted hair effortlessly in a few days.

If your skin becomes dry or rough after using turmeric, apply any moisturizing cream or oil to keep it hydrated.

4. Gram Flour

Gram flour has been used with many ingredients to nourish the skin. It is one of the simple yet effective home remedies for removal of facial hair. It removes hair through exfoliation and deep cleanses the skin.


  • Gram flour
  • Water or Milk


  • Mix and make a thick paste

How to Apply

  • Apply the mixture on the face equally
  • let it dry
  • Rub it off from your face.
  • Wash your face with water
  • Apply some moisturizer.

It gradually removes and controls the growth of facial hair. It is safe and effective to use on any skin.

5. Lentil and Potato


  • Yellow lentils
  • Potatoes
  • Honey
  • Lemon juice

Method And How To Apply

  • Soak the lentils in a bowl of water overnight.
  • Run them through a food processor or grinder to turn them into a thick paste.
  • Crush one potato into the mixture.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice each.
  • Mix and apply the paste to your body.
  • After 30 minutes, rinse it off.

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